Sunday, January 22, 2012

Following the posts of Cacique Caribe, aka Dan, on The Miniatures Page message boards, and having been exiled to the area of Illinois near Western Kentucky, I decided to visit the site of the famous Kelly-Hopkinsville alien invasion of August 21, 1955. It is rather famous and can be referenced in many books about UFOs, Kentucky, and in many web based articles and videos.

Over two weekends I visited Kelly and Hopkinsville Kentucky. Thanks to the help of many articles, google earth and a confirmation of my analysis by the Pennyroyal Museum of Hopkinsville, KY, I managed to locate the site of this event. The pictures posted here are of that research.

                                       Rte 41. The Kelly Baptist Church, taken 15 January 2012

 Former Sutton Farm, Kelly KY. 21 January 2012, New structure uphill of the location of the old Sutton Farm House. Taken through the sun roof of my Honda Civic.
 Former Sutton Farm, Kelly KY. 21 January 2012, New structure uphill of the location of the old Sutton Farm House. Taken through the sun roof of my Honda Civic.
                                                A little farther north on Old Madisonville Road.
Also from Old Madisonville Road, the road Lucky Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor made their escape from the alien invaders.
                                                   The Sutton farm house was here.
                                     Beyond this tree line in the hollow is where the alien craft landed.
                                                         North of the Sutton farm.
   Kelly exhibit in the Pennyroyal museum, Hopkinsville Ky, Showing the well. This  would be looking north.

 The Sutton farm site taken from Route 41. The Nashville-Chicago Railroad tracks and Old Madisonville Road are between the camera an the new brick house.
 Looking at the new structures from Old Madisonville Road in the hollow just south of where the Sutton house stood. Aliens would have crossed the ground just beyond the trees.
 Another view from Old Madisonville Road, just a little north west of the sutton farm. The Sutton farm house would have been just beyond the trees in the front yard.
 The map drawn for me at the Pennyroyal museum, confirming my research of the location of the Sutton farm house.
Taken from Google Earth. The sandy patch on the ground is where the Sutton farm house stood. The little square extending from the upper right hand corner of the sandy patch is where Billy Ray Taylor was drawing water (a well). It is from this point he first saw the alien craft. There is a small windmill on this spot now. The craft probably landed beyond the trees to the lower right.

Note that the property on which the Sutton farm house once existed is occupied by real people. I made a point of not invading their privacy, unlike our extraterrestrial invaders of nearly 57 years ago. It would be wise for any reader of this article not to invade privacy either.

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  1. Hello my friend, my name is Carlos, I've been an ufologist for 10 years. Your blog came on time! I was looking for the exact location of Kelly's encounter, but I had already browsed the entire internet, but found nothing. Since I do not live in the USA, it is difficult for me to investigate. Your material will be of great value, because I am gathering all the articles and all possible material, because I will create a game in third person, where I will recreate the events of August 21, 1955. I would like to get in touch with you, if it were possible. Forgive my English, thank you for your attention and I await your return.